Amber Distributions Pte Ltd. is a specialist in the domain of cyber security. Our focus is to ensure the security posture of our customers remains in a state of optimal preparedness. Professionals with over 20 years of experience leading global brands in the information technology industry founded the company.

We deliver services and solutions in the areas of protection and availability to ensure business outcomes are met where information is the key enabler.

Our team continuously learns and perfects the art of complex technologies, which are ever-evolving as the environment keeps mutating in the form of various threats, through our Cyber Resource Factory. We deliver on our objective to ensure our customers’ security posture is always at optimal preparedness by:

  • Carrying out risk and threat assessments
  • Improving the efficiency of currently deployed security tools
  • Identifying gaps and recommending appropriate solutions

We work across industries and believe that our passion for cybersecurity, as well as our ability to execute it with flexibility, teamwork, and agility, has aided us in building cyber-resilient businesses. We see this simply as the ability for us to grow our services as quickly and with the speed our clients expect.